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nova-Institute is an independent research institute and science-based consultancy. We have been working in the field of sustainability since the mid-1990s, focusing primarily on the topic of renewable carbon cycles. nova supports in particular customers in chemicals, plastics and materials industries in the transition from fossil to renewable carbon.

Our mission is clear: To defossilise all sectors that require carbon as a raw material in the long term to enable truly sustainable carbon cycles. Defossilisation involves the replacement of fossil carbon derived from coal, oil, and natural gas with renewable carbon sources, like biomass, carbon capture and utilisation (CCU) and recycling. This shift is crucial for achieving net-zero emissions in the chemicals and materials industry, given that the majority of chemicals and materials are primarily composed of carbon that is embedded in the molecular structure.

We combine the three named options under the term “Renewable Carbon” to create the basis for a true circular economy and to achieve the sustainability goals in our industries.

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Speed up the transition

In the face of the escalating challenges posed by climate change, the imperative for societal transformation has never been more evident. Addressing this global crisis requires a collective effort grounded in informed analyses and factual understanding. Our commitment lies in providing comprehensive insights and data-driven perspectives to empower individuals and organisations in navigating the complexities of climate change. Through rigorous research and a dedication to accuracy, we strive to contribute to the essential dialogue surrounding the societal shift needed to combat climate change effectively. Together, armed with knowledge and understanding, we can pave the way for a sustainable future. Learn more about our focus areas:

Our Services

At nova, we bring our unique expertise to help your business make the transition to a climate-neutral future. Our focus areas include feedstocks, technologies, the intersection of economy and policy, sustainability, communications and strategy development. For this goal nova’s five major departments – technology & markets, economy & policy, sustainability, communications and Renewable Carbon Initiative – work closely and interdisciplinary together to provide science-based advice to navigate your journey towards more sustainability.

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