PRESS RELEASE (EN/DE): Novel bio-based alternatives from renewable resources – Six candidates are nominated for the innovation award “Bio-based Material of the Year 2020”

Due to the positive experience with its first online conference in March, nova-Institute will also host the established “International Conference on Bio-based Materials”, 12–14 May, 2020 ONLINE. The winners of the innovation award will be elected online by the conference participants.

Despite difficult and uncertain times due to the corona crisis, innovative companies in the field of bio-based building blocks, chemicals and polymers need room for exchange – maybe even more than ever. Therefore, nova-Institute has decided on a new online format for its conferences. Our last online conference in March showed that the participants quickly got used to the given circumstances and also held lively discussions online about the latest scientific findings and technical innovations. The 13th International Conference on Bio-based Materials will present success stories and upcoming technological breakthroughs in the bioeconomy online. 

nova-Institute, a science-based research and consultancy company and organiser of the conference is therefore looking forward to a further successful online exchange of experts on bio-based materials. Bio-based polymers can be found in almost all application sectors, such as packaging, consumer goods, toys, automotive, textiles or coating. New bio-based building blocks are also available for body care, cosmetics, food ingredients and pharmaceuticals. On top of that, more and more biogenic side streams from the food industry are utilised via biotechnology as part of the circular bioeconomy.

The innovation award “Bio-based Material of the Year 2020”

Like every year, the innovation award “Bio-based Material of the Year” will be awarded to the most innovative material and product on the market. Six new materials and products out of 17 applications have been nominated for the innovation award by the members of the advisory board. The three winners will be chosen by an online poll at the end of the first conference day by the participants of the conference and awarded with a prize, sponsored by YNCORIS Industrial Services. 

What you can expect – the “Top 6” candidates in detail

Fraunhofer Institute for Silicate Research ISC (DE): bioORMOCER® – functional barrier coatings  
Fraunhofer ISC has developed a functional barrier coating (ORMOCER®) that enables mono-material packaging, paper-based and compostable. With these coatings, the properties required for packaging food, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals can be achieved. The packaging can be easily recycled or composted. bioORMOCER® is bio-based and compostable and it uses bioorganic structures from green waste, or chitosan. 
More information: http://www.isc.fraunhofer.de 

Huhtamaki Lurgan (UK/FI): Fresh – Biodegradable ready meal packaging
Fresh is a fully bio-based and biodegradable ready meal packaging. It is a fibre-based ready meal tray, which is functional as a black plastic alternative, but easier to recycle and certified for home composting. It is made from natural wood fibres which are sourced from FSC certified and renewable Nordic forests. Fresh has been developed in collaboration by Huhtamaki, Saladworks (UK), and Södra (SE) through a BBI JU funded Horizon 2020 project (Feb 2017 – July 2020). The tray is food-safe, both oven proof and microwavable, cooler to touch, maintains rigid when heated and natural aesthetically pleasing. Trays are produced in Northern Ireland by Huhtamaki Lurgan using bespoke machines which were developed by Huhtamaki engineers. 
More information: http://www.huhtamaki.com 

LAM'ON (BG): LAM'ON – Biodegradable laminating film 
LAM’ON is a 100% biodegradable laminating film for print and packaging. It is derived from renewable resources like corn. The glue layer that was developed specifically for the needs of the industry is completely toxic-free. It is also water soluble and that will ease the recycling process. The production method is simplified in a way that saves time and money. LAM'ON offers the same results, is used on the same machines, and is offered at the same price range as the currently used laminating films. 
More information: http://www.lam-on.com 

Mondi Engineered Materials (AT): biodegradable nonwovens for wipes 
Mondi’s new Carded Airlaid Carded (CAC) line allows producing a fully biodegradable nonwoven for wipes. The new technology uses 100% cellulose content resulting in a nonwoven material that behaves like a classical spun lace. The CAC line makes it possible to combine three layers into a highly functional and stable composite material in-line. It improves the sustainability of non-wovens by using pulp that is a less energy intensive raw material than viscose but still achieves the properties of a 100% viscose-based material (e.g. soft and efficient cleaning). The new CAC line will be operational in beginning of 2021. 
More information: http://www.mondigroup.com 

monta Klebebandwerk (DE): monta biopack® – self-adhesive tape
monta biopack® is the first certified sustainable self-adhesive tape made in Germany. Made from about 90% renewable resources, its carrier is a bio-based PLA film that is coated with a natural rubber adhesive. Under industrial composting conditions, this packaging tape biodegrades within a few months. monta biopack® meets the requirements on disintegration (composting), biodegradation, ecotoxicity and material characteristics of EN 13432, ASTM D 6400-04, AS 4736 (2006) and ISO 17088 (2012): Certified by TÜV Austria and awarded with the “OK COMPOST INDUSTRIAL” conformity mark, monta biopack® is the eco-friendly choice for sealing cardboard boxes, biodegradable bags and for bundling flowers and garden waste. Its sustainable roll length of 80 m and 1,200 m reduces unnecessary packaging waste. 
More information: http://www.monta.de 

TENSAC (AR): ESTEN 80 – Bio-based insecticide
ESTEN 80 is a bio-based insecticide and acaricide which is natural, works in direct contact with the insects and obtained from a process where the main ingredients are fatty acids derived from vegetable oils and sucrose. The conferred properties of being completely biodegradable make it especially suited for Integral Pest Management (I.M.P). It does not only act as an insecticide/acaricide, but also as an adjuvant significantly improving its adhesion to the application crops. ESTEN 80 is especially indicated for application in citrus (e.g. lemon, orange), grape, tomato, horticultural crops, strawberry, blueberry, apple, pear, peach, tobacco, tea, olives and walnuts. ESTEN 80 adheres to the insect, forming a film that acts on the protective layer and dissolves them.
More information: http://www.tensac.com.ar 

The pioneers of the bio-based industry meet at the “13th International Conference on Bio-based Materials” 

Due to the short-term change in the format, the final programme of one of the biggest conferences in the European bioeconomy will be available after Easter (http://www.bio-based-conference.com/programme/). The online conference “13th International Conference on Bio-based Materials” features key innovation issues in the field of bio-based building blocks & polymers, bio-based fine chemicals, breakthroughs in lignin utilization, industrial biotechnology and biodegradable solutions. In addition, future visions and the latest policy regulations will be discussed.

All information about the online conference on bio-based materials here: http://www.bio-based-conference.com 

More than 200 participants are expected to attend the “13th International Conference on Bio-based Materials” online. All information, registration and the conference programme are available at http://www.bio-based-conference.com

The nova-Institute would like to acknowledge YNCORIS Industrial Services (DE) for sponsoring the renowned innovation award “Bio-based Material of the Year 2020”. Special thank goes to NESTE (DE/FI) and UPM (DE/FI) for supporting the conference as Gold Sponsors and also to our premium partner CLIB (DE).