Tech4Biowaste – A dynamic database of relevant technologies of biowaste utilisation

Biowaste is a key waste stream in Europe with a high potential for contributing to a more circular economy. The Tech4Biowaste project aims to provide the bio-based industry with a complete overview of existing and emerging technologies with a Technology Readiness Level (TRL) 4 and higher for biowaste utilisation and valorisation. The technology database will provide a platform for technology providers to show their company and innovative technologies.

A hybrid model will be used to populate the database, combining inputs from the consortium’s publishers’ team, a community of volunteers, and automated scripts and tools („bots”). Unique features will be provided based on the latest IT technologies by utilising Open-Source software. Furthermore, the database will be user-friendly, well-maintained and accessible to everybody, which will be helpful for a large number of stakeholders in and after the project duration.

Tech4Biowaste will mobilise stakeholders (including intended users and contributors) for direct involvement (co-creation, training, Testing Panel, and Advisory Board). The stakeholders will be involved in e.g. the design of the database, the development of a continuation and expansion scenario and the business plan targeting sustained growth and continuity of the open platform. The project directly builds on the BBEPP-led Pilots4U network and links with the Renewable Carbon Initiative led by the nova-Institute.