Techno-Economic Evaluation (TEE)

Capital, operation and total production costs are key drivers in structured progress design. A techno-economic evaluation (TEE) enables well-informed decision-making that makes your company fit for the future. It includes learning curves, economies of scale, technology spill-over, technology (production) cost assessments and R&D impact assessments.

TEE is a perfect complement to life cycle assessment as part of the data can be used to support the new calculation. Ask us about the possibilities.

nTEE – nova’s approach to techno-economic evaluation of innovative industrial processes

For the techno-economic evaluation of innovative industrial processes, often only limited data is available. In particular, this concerns equipment sizing which is required in standard approaches for determining investment and operating costs. nova has developed a new methodology for conducting techno-economic evaluations in such cases. Its cornerstone is utilising energy and material flows from process simulation models as principal input data.

Read more about this methodology, with a case study applied to a lignocellulosic biorefinery concept, in our nova paper #5.