Lara Dammer

Policy, standards and labelling for the renewable carbon economy

Lara Dammer is the Head of the Economy and Policy Department. As such, she manages the day-to-day operations of her team, acquires new projects and leads several projects herself. Her current focus is mostly on the new legal framework for plastics and circular economy with all its implications for bio-based products, CCU and chemical recycling. She currently manages a study for the EC on “Carbon economy” and co-leads nova’s contribution to the EU Horizon 2020 project “BioMonitor” which aims at establishing an improved data basis for monitoring the progress of the bioeconomy. In addition, Lara is part of the quality management team at nova.

Background and expertise

Having graduated in 2010 from Bonn University with a master’s degree in Political Science, English and History, Lara spent a year in the Philippines as project assistant in a peacebuilding project. She joined nova’s team as scientific staff in 2012 and was promoted to Head of Department in January 2016. She is an expert for all things related to policy and strategy for a renewable carbon based economy. Her main topics of work are the level playing field for a bioeconomy; renewable energy and agricultural policies; standardisation of bio-based products; labelling and communication; cascading use; public procurement and data collection frameworks. She was an active member of CEN/TC 411 on bio-based products as well as the Commission’s Expert Group on Bio-based Products. She has co-authored several publications in renowned magazines and nova’s own papers.