PRESS RELEASE (EN/DE): Six candidates nominated for the innovation award “Hemp Product of the Year 2019”

For the second time, the innovation award “Hemp Product of the Year” will be granted to the young, innovative hemp industry for finding suitable applications and markets for industrial hemp-based products. 

Focus of the award is on new developments within these business areas. The winners will be elected at the “16th EIHA Hemp Conference”, 5 - 6 June 2019 in Cologne, Germany (http://www.eiha-conference.org). The conference is the oldest and largest conference on industrial hemp worldwide. Six new materials and products out of 30 applications have been nominated by a jury. After a short presentation of the six candidates, the three winners will be elected by the participants of the conference and honoured with the innovation award, sponsored by HempFlax from The Netherlands.

What to expect – the “Top 6” candidates in detail:

Academy of Design and Crafts Münster (DE): Light Sculptures Monas

The innovative design light sculptures are made of hemp cellulose. For the production of the handmade paper, the artists used hemp cellulose (Cannabis sativa) and potato flour. The round and damp handmade paper sheets dry directly on the wire frame where it is attached. As the damp fibres links together in a natural way, usage of additional glue is not necessary. To improve the stability, certain functional characteristics and for paper finishing, paper pulp is mixed with environmentally friendly wall paper paste. Later the mixture and strips of paper are applied in layers. After the drying process, the wire frame is pressed together and is removed. http://www.akademie-gestaltung.de

BAFA Neu GmbH (DE): Absolute HempProtein 

The innovative hemp protein powder contains over 70% complete protein. It has a nutty taste and white colour. It has a creamy texture, is mixable with liquids and it doesn’t contain insoluble fibre fractions. The hemp protein powder is naturally white which ensures great bright colours in shakes when mixed with fresh fruit such as strawberries, raspberries or mango. This product is 100% natural and is also available in a certified organic version. Hemp protein powder is an ideal protein supplement for athletic vegetarians and vegans. It is allergen free and a complete protein. http://www.bafa-gmbh.de

hanfwerk Feinkostmanufaktur UG / haftungsbeschränkt (DE): Hanfling – Hanfling Bombay – Hanfling Chorizo 

The Hanfling is an organic, vegan friendly product in three different tastes: Hanfling Nature, Hanfling Bombay and Hanfling Chorizo. These can be eaten raw, but also fried, grilled or toasted, used as a patty for a burger or in a caper sauce (“Königsberger Hanfling”). This product needs to be refrigerated with an expiry date of 6 months. hanfwerk uses hemp seeds as the main ingredient as well as self-made hemp-tofu. The product is available in around 100 organic supermarkets in Germany. http://www.hanfwerk.de

Hempster HB (SE): Raw Vegan Shake

Raw Vegan Shake is a fresh, yummy, organic hemp drink designed to optimize the nutritional benefit of hemp seeds. It is locally produced and comes in four flavours: Chocolate, Chai Latte, Cocos and Vanilla Malt. This shake is ideal for breakfast, as a nourishing snack or as an energy drink and it contains high-quality and valuable essential nutrients. Through a unique production method, Hempster has created a product which ticks all the boxes and gives the customer a pleasant, satisfying drinking experience. http://www.hempster.se

Hemptouch d.o.o. (SI): Hemptouch Balancing Face Cream

Hemptouch Balancing Face Cream is a first ever skin care product formulated with a unique trilogy of industrial hemp extracts such as hemp hydrolate, Cannabidiol (CBD) and hemp seed oil. This innovative face cream combats blemished and acne-prone skin, one of the biggest segments in skin care industry. It brings a brand-new approach to the fight against acne and oily skin, proving that hemp is a powerful alternative to over the counter medicine. Hemp hydrolate has antimicrobial properties, visibly tightens pores and smooths skin texture. CBD extract helps to control excess oil production which prevents blemishes and purifies acne-prone skin. Hemp seed oil with its nurturing omega acids restores healthy-looking radiance. This cream is dermatologically tested, proven to reduce the secretion of sebum. http://www.hemptouch.com

Trifilon AB (SE): Trifilon BioLite – Trolley Case made of PP Hemp Fibre

Trifilon offers with BioLite a green alternative to plastics. BioLite is a polypropylene that is reinforced with 30% hemp fibres. Hemp makes for some of the world’s strongest natural fibres, the products made with BioLite are strong, light and durable. BioLite’s hemp fibres enhance and improve material properties for many applications – the high quality trolley case is just one example. This technology gives manufacturers a way to meaningfully begin working with renewable feedstocks and an excellent one is hemp. http://www.trifilon.com

More than 350 participants from 40 countries are expected to attend the “16th EIHA Hemp Conference”, 5 - 6 June 2019 in Cologne, Germany, the oldest and largest conference on industrial hemp worldwide. The exhibition taking place during the conference includes 27 exhibition stands and is already fully booked. 

All information, registration and the conference programme are available at http://www.eiha-conference.org 


The nova-Institute would like to acknowledge HempFlax (NL) for sponsoring the renowned innovation award “Hemp Product of the Year”. Agropro (LT), GenCanna Global (US), MH medical hemp (DE) and Hempro (DE) are supporting the conference as Gold Sponsors, Fundación CANNA (ES) and Gilson International B.V. Germany (DE) as Silver Sponsors and Canah International (RO) as Bronze Sponsor. BaFa Neu (DE) is sponsor of the hemp beer.